June 26, 2023

Inside ContactForm.Pro: A Visual Guide

We understand the importance of seeing what you’re getting before buying. That’s why, in this article, we will showcase screenshots and images to give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up for ContactForm.Pro.

What is ContactForm.Pro?

ContactForm.Pro is a modern solution to static contact forms. We offer a customisable floating widget that hovers on your website, making it easier for visitors to reach you. ContactForm.Pro deals with all of the hosting and can be installed with a single line of copy and pasted code. Visitor messages are sent straight to your email, where you can carry on the conversation.

The ContactForm.Pro Widget

Below, you'll find images showcasing the ContactForm.Pro widget, including the trigger icon that visitors can click to open it. The widget is customisable, allowing you to change colours, profile pictures, and more. For a full list of customisation options, please visit the features page.

A screenshot of the ContactForm.Pro Widget

The ContactForm.Pro Editor

Below, you'll find images showcasing the ContactForm.Pro editor. Explore the Appearance tab for customising the widget, Configuration tab for settings, and Installation tab for your personalised key code. Additionally, it provides an interactive preview of the widget.

A screenshot of the ContactForm.Pro Editor

The ContactForm.Pro Dashboard

Below, you'll find images showcasing the ContactForm.Pro dashboard, which is the first window you encounter upon logging into the app. From the dashboard, you can create or edit forms, manage your subscription plan, and update your personal details.

A screenshot of the ContactForm.Pro Dashboard

In Summary…

Congratulations! You've had a visual tour of ContactForm.Pro. Now that you've seen how the app looks, delve deeper and learn how it works by reading this blog post. Discover ContactForm.Pro and unlock your websites communication potential.